In the Kitchen November 11 2014

Skeld Community Hall is our kitchen home. We fill it with smells of spices, sugar, vinegar, stout, and all the scrummy ingredients we put into our chutneys, and since our launch in September, the kitchen has been buzzing.

We have been bowled over with the level of interest and demand for our products and want to thank everyone who has supported us so far – either by buying our chutneys or by helping us in other ways.  It’s been a real learning curve scaling up from making a few hundred jars to making a few thousand – and we couldn’t have done it without having Skeld Hall as our base, and the support of the Hall Committee.

Community Halls are central to Shetland life.  They are sprinkled across the islands and are fantastic facilities.  They host pretty much all of life’s big celebrations and events for many Shetlanders, as well as community events such as Sunday Teas, quizzes, fish and chip nights, car boot sales – the list is endless.  But many of them stand empty during week-days and we would love to see them used more for community projects and start-up businesses. It gave Shetlandeli the springboard it needed to launch so I hope that other Shetland start-ups would think of doing the same.

‘Skeld’ is based on an old Norse word for ‘shelter’- Skjolðrand it’s certainly offered us lots of that. Here’s to more hours in our Community Hall kitchen!