Hairst is here November 11 2014

Hairst (autumn) is here. It’s been blashy (wet and windy) with huge waves which, although dramatic, have wreaked havoc with ferry departures connecting Shetland to the rest of the UK.  Thanks to those customers who patiently waited for their mail order parcels to leave Shetland in the recent gales. The gales have subsided (for the moment) and parcels are now on the move.

Shetland is at the point at which the Atlantic and the North Sea meet and it makes for some truly dramatic weather.  The frequency of Atlantic depressions passing our islands means we have much higher wind speeds than most of the UK and, with an average of 42 gale days a year, we’re well used to it being a bit ‘breezy’.

Winter’s approaching and we know we’re more likely to get gales this time of year than any other.  We promise we will do our best to manage your expectations when it comes to delivery times and let you know when high ratings on the Beaufort Scale might get in the way of prompt delivery.