Indulge with Taing Onion Marmalade

After a morning in the garden, cleaning the greenhouse (not a job we love!), what we needed was a tasty, warm treat for lunch.  Something to indulge our senses and reward us for a hard morning's work!  Bring on the Taing :-)

We cut two breakfast muffins in half and put them under the grill to toast until golden on one side.  Put a layer of Taing Onion marmalade on the untoasted side of each muffin and top with a handful of cheese pieces (we found pieces melted better than slices).  There can be as much cheese and Taing as you like, depending on your taste and appetite.  Put the cheesy, oniony muffin back under the grill and grill until golden, and meltingly hot.  

Put your feet up with a cuppa and enjoy an indulgent lunch.  It tastes yummy!