Have I Got News for Ewe (!) December 01 2014

Off-cuts of veg may not look much to you and I but we're pleased to say the ewes of the Westside love their Shetlandeli scraps.  We're proud to be feeding Shetland's sheep with the veg we throw away.  Whether it's the tops and tails of courgettes or cucumbers, the peelings from neeps and carrots, or the stems of cauliflower and the trimmings from peppers and green beans, it's simply manna for the local ewes!

This flock live near West Burrafirth and are a lively and friendly bunch of pure bred Shetland sheep with various colours and markings. This photo was taken back in July just after the sheep had been sheared - we're pleased to say their fleeces have now grown to keep out the cold and wet of winter.  Even though they are an extremely hardy breed of sheep, they need all the help they can get when it comes to staying warm outside.

We give as many of our scraps as possible to local crofters for their animals, and anything the animals won't eat goes on local compost heaps to fertilise the soil ..... which will help grow the crops of veg for next year's chutney!  That's recycling at its best!