Shetlandeli joins forces with Scoop to launch jar recycling February 20 2015

Shetlandeli has teamed up with Scoop Wholefoods to launch a jar recycling scheme which saves shoppers money.

For each empty Shetlandeli chutney jar returned to Scoop in the Toll Clock Shopping Centre in Lerwick, shoppers will receive 10p off their shopping at Scoop.

Jill Franklin of Shetlandeli, says: “Our distinctive jars are sourced not only from all over the UK, but all over Europe. Once they arrive on Shetland, they are filled and despatched to retailers like Scoop.  Once the product is eaten and the jars are empty, they may be destined for customers’ recycling bins or the essy cart.  Once these jars are taken out of circulation we have to start the process all over again – by getting more jars from Europe or mainland UK. Every jar we can keep on Shetland, and keep using, really makes a difference.  It drastically reduces the air miles of each jar and saves the huge amount of effort and cost to get jars to Shetland. This saves us money too – so we’re keen to pass that back to everyone who takes part in the recycling scheme.”

Ann Johnson of Scoop Wholefoods, says: “Shetlandeli’s chutneys have been a huge hit with our customers since we launched them in August last year. We know that our customers would much rather bring their jar back so it can be reused, than throw it away. Getting a discount off their shopping in exchange for each jar returned not only is a great incentive, but means we’re encouraging more people to help save energy and resources. So everyone benefits.”

The Shetlandeli recycling scheme starts at Scoop today. The 10p refund covers both small and large jars. Customers just need to present a clean jar to claim their refund.  There is no need to return the lid or remove the original label.