Shetlandeli now part of social enterprise COPE Ltd June 01 2017

We're delighted to now be able to confirm that Shetlandeli has become part of COPE Ltd, the award-winning social enterprise. We've been fans of COPE for many years and are thrilled that our products will now be made by the team of COPE's Shetland Kitchen Co. The products will still be as high-quality and as tasty and ever, and still stocked in the same places and online. But, from today, if you buy Shetlandeli products, you will be supporting one of Scotland's leading providers of employment and employment skill development for adults with disabilities. And, as public funding is being cut from deserving charities like these, it's great that Shetlandeli will be helping COPE increase its own revenue streams, for reinvestment back into this fantastic charity.

Thank you to all our customers for their support. Please continue to buy Shetlandeli products - as now you will be supporting COPE's work too. See for more information.