About Us


Shetlandeli is based on Shetland, one of the most remote and breathtaking places in the UK.

Our home in Shetland is full of exquisite bays, deserted sandy beaches, soaring cliffs and dramatic sea stacks and caves.  It's the kind of place that's great for the soul.  As soon as we leave our front door, we're face-to-face with far-reaching sea views and acres and acres of sky where some of the most dramatic weather in the UK can be seen.  And then there's the abundant nature and wildlife that also calls Shetland home - seals, oystercatchers, skuas, otters, curlew, and even whales - some of which we're lucky enough to see every single day.  It’s no wonder we fell in love with this amazing place.



All our products are developed and made by hand in Shetland, to local recipes.  We're not in a rush to develop the biggest range in the world - what we want to do is bring you amazing taste with each product we sell.  High quality products, produced by hand in an amazing location by local people, is what we are all about.  

Shetland is the home of great-tasting food. Much of it is made in small batches by food producers who live in some of Shetland's most remote corners.  So we scour the length and breadth of Shetland (by plane, boat and automobile!) to find our favourite taste sensations.  

We're passionate about our islands' heritage, too.  Shetland was owned by Scandinavia until the 15th century – a link that's cherished today.  So we’ve drawn on this unique culture in our Scandinavian design-inspired, eye-catching brand which we hope you will be proud to have on your dinner table.   And every one of our products celebrates something about Shetland - be it a place name or a word from the Shetland dialect.