Bigton Community Shop, Bigton, Shetland, ZE2 9JA, tel 01950 422307

Bixter Shop, Bixter, Shetland, ZE2 9NA, tel 01595 810 200

Brae Garage Shop, Brae, Shetland ZE2 9QJ, tel 01806 522331

Hillswick Community Shop, Hillswick, Shetland ZE2 9RW, tel 01806 503 767

Hoswick Visitors Centre, Hoswick, Shetland ZE2 9HL (Summer season only), tel 01950 431406

JWJ (Whalsay) Ltd, Symbister, Shetland ZE2 9AA, tel 01806 566 451

Mainlands Ltd, Dunrossness, Shetland, ZE2 9JB, tel 01950 460676

Quendale Water Mill, Dunrossness, Shetland, ZE2 9JD  (Summer season only), tel  01950 460969

Robinson & Morrison, Soundside, Shetland ZE2 9LQ, tel 01595 830263

Sandwick Baking Co, Stove, Sandwick, Shetland ZE2 9HH, tel 01950 431218

Scalloway Meat Co, Toll Clock Shopping Centre, 26 North Rd, Lerwick ZE1 0PE, tel 07584 074 877

Scalloway Museum, Castle Street, Scalloway, Shetland Island, ZE1 0TP (Summer season only), tel 01595 880734

Scoop Wholefoods, Toll Clock Shopping Centre, 26 North Rd, Lerwick ZE1 0PE, tel 01595 695888

Skibhoul Stores, Northside, Baltasound, Unst, Shetland ZE2 9DS, tel 01957 711 304

Skellister Stores, Catfirth, Shetland, ZE2 9PP, tel 01595 890374


Rest of the UK 

Our online shop is our main retail outlet for the UK.  However, we also sell product through:

Northlink Ferries - our products are for sale in the gift shops on both the Hrossey and Hjatland, sailing to and from Shetland.

If you would like to become a stockist please do email us on   We would love to talk to you!