Kishie Carrot & Cardamom Relish

Kishie is made in small batches in our Shetland kitchen.  We infuse crispy carrot and turnip with ginger, orange and cardamom to make this lovely sticky relish. 

We've had a fantastic reception to this product since we launched it - our customers have bowled over by both its taste and its versatility.  Many people are known to eat it straight from the jar!  Some have bought it as a fresh, sweet accompaniment to their Christmas ham and the milder cheeses on the cheeseboard this Christmas.  Others have it with poppadums and a curry.  Others love it with mackerel, tuna, salad or mixed through with home-made coleslaw.  It's one of our most popular and versatile products.

Kishie is named after the handmade basket which Shetlanders used for hundreds of years to carry peat home on their backs.  Read more about the kishie here.


Ingredients: Carrots (28%), turnips (19%), cider vinegar, orange juice, granulated sugar, ginger, cardamom seeds (0.4%), spices

Available in small jars only -  £3.50 for 140g - 

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