Muckle Flugga Piccalilli

Award-winning Muckle Flugga is no ordinary piccalilli; it's had the Shetlandeli treatment.  Packed full of vegetables and spices, and with more crunch than the average piccalilli, Muckle Flugga packs a tasty, tangy punch.  It’s delicious with hard cheese, raised pies or cold meats.  This 'chutney gold' is our flagship product and in high demand, so bag some while you can!

Ingredients: Vegetables (72%) (cauliflower, green beans, courgettes, shallots, green pepper, green tomato, cucumber, in variable proportions), sugar, cider vinegar, honey, salt, cornflour, mustard seed, mustard powder, spices

Allergy warning:  contains mustard, sulphites

Available in large and small jars -  £4.75 for 260g or £3.50 for 150g 

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