Sweet and Shilpet 2-jar Gift Pack


If you like your chutney sweet or shilpet, as Shetlanders call 'sharp', this pairing of one of each flavour is perfect for you. The pairings contain:

Our 'Sweet' Choices

Taing Onion Marmalade (155g). Ingredients: Onions (76%), cider vinegar, sugar, redcurrant jelly (sugar, water, concentrated redcurrant juice, citric acid, pectin, sodium citrate), olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, spices. Read more about the Taing Onion Marmalade here.

Valhalla Ale Chutney (155g). Ingredients: Vegetables (52%) (onions, carrots, apples, cauliflower, swede, in variable proportions), Valhalla Brewery ale (15%), sugar, cider vinegar, tomato purée, dates,garlic, mustard powder, cornflour, salt, spices.  Allergy warning: contains mustard, sulphites, barley. Read more about the Valhala Ale Chutney here.

Our 'Shilpet' Choices

Muckle Flugga Piccalilli (150g). Ingredients: Vegetables (72%) (cauliflower, green beans, courgettes, shallots, green pepper, green tomato, cucumber, in variable proportions), sugar, cider vinegar, honey, salt, cornflour, mustard seed, mustard powder, spices. Allergy warning:  contains mustard, sulphites. Read more about the Muckle Flugga Piccalilli here.

Spiggie Courgette Relish (140g). Ingredients: Courgettes (30%), peppers (12%), onions (12%), cider vinegar, sugar, cornflour, mustard powder, celery seed, salt, spices.  Allergy warning -  Contains mustard, sulphites, celery seed. Read more about the Spiggie Courgette Relish here.

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